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Shooting in Scotland
The Lammermuir Shoot

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The Lammermuir Concept in Modern Pheasant Husbandry

Cock & Hen Pheasants Cock Pheasant as bred by Lammermuir Game Services Quality Scottish Bloodstock Game Pheasants Wild Cock Pheasant Cock Pheasant Head

We have been practising pheasant husbandry methods since 1980 which the Game Bird Authorities are now saying is essential in modern day production.

7 Good Reasons Why Lammermuir Birds Are Best

  • Origin hardy local wild breeding bloodstock pheasants.
  • Continually improving as a result of selective breeding and annual infusion of true wild bloodstock.
  • Plenty of good quality eggs attained through selective culling of breeding birds and eggs.
  • Parent stocks reared on unmedicated rations giving high disease immunity in progeny.
  • Robust, alert, well-feathered poults ready for release, giving constantly higher than national average returns on keepered estates.
  • High Flying sporting pheasants capable of beating the best of guns.
  • Surviving hens with strong wild bird characteristics, capable of rearing young in the wild. Providing a generous bonus of home-grown birds produced naturally.

Game Farming in Scotland

Lammermuir Game Services have been involved in the production of Quality Scottish Bloodstock Game Pheasants since 1980.

Our policy has always been to produce or own unique strain of Game Pheasant.

We have always placed great emphasis on husbandry methods, selecting local wild bloodlines as our breeding base, continually striving in order to improve such factors as flying ability, disease immunity, hardiness, and a great benefit of our birds having inherent wild bloodlines is their ability to produce Poults in the wild, this provided, of course, that the shoot is adequately keepered. This is not only a big saving, but birds produced in this way are more akin to their natural ancestors or yesteryear and portray excellent sporting qualities.

Annually we receive many letters of commendation regarding our birds and we continually endeavour to maintain our quality standards in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Douglas Virtue – Lammermuir Game Services